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Injection pumps Bosch VP30 and VP44

Injection pump with implemented control unit for pump design. The pump control unit controls, based on information from the engine control unit, the function of the mechanical components, but above all the fuel metering. We only repair injection pumps with one PSG2 or PSG5 connector control unit. Bosch VP pumps  with two connectors from the control unit (so-called type) we currently offer only new ones or factory reconditioned ones.

VP před repasí


VP po repasi


The most common failures of Bosch VP30 and VP44 pumps:

  • Injection pump control unit (repairing the control unit is irrelevant if the mechanical part of the pump is not remanufactured)

  • Pump speed sensor fault

  • Fuel injection valve fault

  • Distributor head defective

  • Pump housing fault

  • Injector (Piston) damage

  • Shaft damage

When refueling poor quality fuel, jamming failure of the pump may naturally occur due to ingress of dirt into the fuel system or due to lack of lubrication of the pump. The pump is lubricated with diesel. In that case, the repair then becomes in most cases unrealistic or unprofitable due to the high cost of spare parts.

Bosch VP Injection Pump Remanufacturing Process:

  1. A first step in the overall process of remanufacturing Bosch injection pump VP is reading fault codes from the control unit of the pump.

  2. Disassembly of the pump and individual assessment of the condition of individual mechanical components. Broken and damaged parts are automatically discarded and are not used when assembling the remanufactured pump. Functional parts we clean or sandblast. Furthermore, we check the residual fuel to alert the customer to the quality of the fuel and to avoid possible refueling of poor quality fuel.

  3. Completing the remanufactured pump with new and original parts directly from Bosch. The entire process of assembling the remanufactured pump is carried out according to strict technological procedures of the manufacturer.

  4. Test the pump at an authorized Bosch EPS 815 station and check the pump for correctness according to the manufacturer's standards. The control unit is programmed according to an algorithm that carries the computer of the authorized station and displays the values on its screen. If the result of the whole process is positive, the remanufactured pump guarantees correct dosing and timing of the pre-injection at all stages of its loading.

  5. The final dynamic testing and calibration results in a calibration protocol that demonstrates 100% functionality of the Bosch VP 30/44 injection pump.

The entire process of remanufacturing the injection pumps will be done by a trained team of professionals in the field.

We only perform complete recondition of diesel systems! We do not deal with partial repairs leading only to the necessary commissioning of the vehicle, but not to the long-term functionality of the whole system!
For FREE-As a part of the package, we will provide you with a general assembly procedure that will help you to avoid damaging the remanufactured injection pump again.
The customer will receive a 24 month warranty on the entire product, not on the subject of recondition.