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How we rebuild TURBOCHARGERS:

We rebuild turbochargers with both mechanical and electronic control for both passenger and commercial vehicles of all usual brands - GarrettKKKHolsetIHIMitsubishiToyota. The most common turbocharger damage is caused by an external impact such as:

  • poor or insufficient lubrication,
  • intrusion of a foreign object,
  • overheating of the turbocharger caused by high temperatures in the exhaust system,
  • immediate shutting-down a vehicle after being in a high-power mode (especially on motorway).

Therefore, it is important to check and eliminate possible causes associated with turbocharger damage before rebuilding the turbocharger to prevent any damage to the newly installed part. Turbochargers are very reliable, with less than 1% failure rate of a turbocharger as such.


Turbocharger remanufacturing process:

  1. Preliminary assessment of the turbocharger's technical condition which includes an inspection of particular mechanical components and an occurrence of oil on an intake-and-exhaust part of the turbocharger. The next step is to check a balancing of rotating part of the turbocharger, as well as a function of a filling pressure regulation (mechanical and electronic).

  2. Dismantling the turbocharger and evaluating a condition of the damaged parts, and their replacement with brand-new original parts, if malfunctioning. Fully-functioning original components are thoroughly sandblasted.

  3. Dynamic balancing of the turbocharger rotating system (axial and radial clearance) and center leakage control to prevent oil leakage. The whole process takes place using an authorized Schenck station which simulates conditions in the combustion engine. All values are set according to the manufacturer and meet their standards. The result of dynamic testing is a calibration protocol that proves 100% functionality.

  4. The last stage is to assemble the entire turbocharger and set under-pressure or electronic control.

The whole process of rebuilding turbochargers is being developed for you by a trained team of industry professionals.
We will provide you with a general assembly procedure as a part of the package to help you avoiding a damage to the remanufactured turbocharger. The customer will receive 12-month warranty for the entire product, not just for the items having been refurbished.