How we remanufacture Common Rail high-pressure injection pumps? - AutoNorma

How we remanufacture the Common Rail high pressure pumps:

The high-pressure system of today. Practically every diesel vehicle that leaves the production line today is equipped with a high-pressure Common Rail system. The system consists of a high-pressure pump, rail and injectors. From this system, we only repair the injectors and the high pressure pump. Rail is basically a piece of solid metal and the only thing that can affect it is clogging by dirt or damage of the pressure sensing sensor. The clogging of Rail is then recommended to be solved by ultrasonic cleaning or blowing through high air pressure.

We repair high pressure pumps and injectors of all manufacturers: BoschDelphiDensoContinental VDO.

High pressure pump remanufacturing process:

  1. The first step in the process of high-pressure pump remanufacturing is to disassemble and evaluate the state of partial components through visual inspection.
  2. If we discover signs of sticking when dismantling the pump, which occurs particularly when using fuel with lower performance lubricants, such as LTO, biofuels, gasoline, other low-quality fuel, we recommend our customers to immediately test the injectors. Evidently seized/jammed pump is not subjected to dynamic testing and in that case, we recommend our customers a complete recondition.
  3. If the disassembly of the pump shows signs of mechanical component damage due to wear or age, the pump is not subjected to dynamic testing and we recommend a complete recondition to our customers.
  4. Assuming that there are no signs of damage when dismantling the pump, the pump is subjected to dynamic testing at a test station. If the pump does not show any signs of malfunction even during the dynamic test, the pump is considered perfect. To such a tested part we attach a calibration report as a proof of the faultlessness of the part. The pump test is charged according to the pricelist on our website.
  5. What follows is the replacement of the most frequently faulty components (solenoid and mechanical valves, vane pump, shaft, pistons, high-pressure head, body and gaskets), assembly of the pump with new original spare parts, and preparation for dynamic testing and calibration.
  6. The last step of high pressure pump remanufacturing is dynamic testing at an authorized Bosch EPS 815 station. If all test values meet the manufacturer's performance standards, then the high-pressure pump recondition is successful. The calibration protocol from the test station is a proof of 100% pump functionality.

The entire process of remanufacturing high-pressure pumps will be done by a trained team of professionals in the field.

We only perform complete remanufacturing of diesel systems! We do not deal with partial repairs leading only to the necessary commissioning of the vehicle, but not to the long-term functionality of the whole system!
For FREE: As a part of the package, we will provide you with a general assembly procedure that will help you avoid damaging the remanufactured injection pump again.
The customer will receive a 24 month warranty on the entire product, not just the subject of recondition.