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How do we remanufacture Common Rail high-pressure injection pumps 

The high-pressure system of today. Practically every diesel vehicle, as soon as it leaves the assembly line, is equipped with Common Rail high-pressure system. Such system is composed of high-pressure pump, dividing rail and injectors. Within this system we specialize in repairing injectors and high-pressure pumps. Rail is basically a piece of solid metal and the only think that can cause damage to it is accumulated dirt. Another case could also be damaged pressure sensor. In the case of accumulated dirt, we recommend cleansing by ultrasound or blowing it through with high-pressured air.

We remanufacture high-pressure pumps and injectors from all manufacturers: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Continental VDO.

Process of remanufacturing high-pressure pumps:

  1. The first step in this process is dismantling and careful examination of all respective parts through visual control.
  2. In case we find signs of blowing the engine during the dismantling of the pump, which is mainly caused by using poor-quality fuels with lower greasing ability such as LTO, biofuels, gasoline and other poor-quality fuels, we suggest our customers immediately test injectors as well. Evidently blown pump is then no longer subject to further dynamic testing and at that point we recommend our customers complete remanufacturing.  
  3. In case we find signs of damage on the mechanical components of our pump due to the over-usage or age, the pump is no longer subject to further dynamic testing and at that point we recommend our customers complete remanufacturing.
  4. Under the assumption that there are no signs of damage upon the completion of our examination, the pump is then subject to further dynamic testing on the designated testing station. If the pump completes this testing sufficiently, it is deemed flawless. We also include the calibration protocol which is the proof of picture-perfect functionality. Such pump testing is charged according to our price list which you can find out more about on our website.
  5. What then follows is the replacement of most-commonly faulty components such as solenoid and mechanic valves, transfer pump, shaft, pistons, high-pressure head, body, and gasket. Consequently, we complete the replacement with brand new original spare parts and prepare the pump for dynamic testing and calibration.
  6. The final step in the process of pump remanufacturing is dynamic testing on the authorized testing station Bosch EPS815. If all values are according to the functional norms according to the manufacturer, remanufacturing is successful. The proof of 100% functionality is the calibration protocol generated by the testing station.

The entire process of remanufacturing high-pressure pumps tailored exclusively for our customers is completed by our team of trained professionals in the area. 

We exclusively carry out complete remanufacturing of diesel systems. We do not engage in partial repairs, which only lead to temporary functionality of the vehicle and not to long-term functionality of the entire system!

FREE OF CHARGE We will provide you with the general assembly plan which will help avoid repeated damage to the remanufactured injection pump.

Our customer receives 12 months guarantee on the entire product, not the subject of remanufacturing.