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Remanufactured Unit Injector Systems – Common Rail, PD (Pumpe – duse), Mechanic Injectors

Common Rail injectors represent an essential part of the high-pressure system. These injectors dose fuel into the combustion space of all respective cylinders. We distinguish two construction types of Common Rail injectors – electromagnetic (solenoid) or piezoelectric. Most piezoelectric injectors are currently unrepairable, because the manufacturer of these injectors does not provide spare parts, and therefore, the remanufacturing cannot be 100% functional. We exclusively remanufacture all injectors using brand new original spare parts. We follow the principles specified by the manufacturers and we meet all the crucial criteria for all parts to be 100% functional. Injectors are tested at certified testing and calibration stations.

Manufacturers of Common Ral injectors: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Continental VDO

Manufacturers of PD (Pumpe – duse) injectors: Bosch, Continental VDO

Manufacturer of mechanical injectors: Bosch

The process of remanufacturing Common Rail injectors:

  1. The first step in this process is the preliminary evaluation of injector’s condition. That means examining the mechanical part of the injector and the initial dynamic testing using the testing device.
  2. In case we evaluate the injectors as defective upon the completion of testing, we will recommend customers complete remanufacturing of all injectors.
  3. In case we evaluate the injectors as flawless upon the completion of testing, we will send them back to the customer suggesting further examination of the malfunction on the vehicle or suggesting further testing of the high-pressure pump.
  4. During the dynamic testing using the certified testing device we particularly pay close attention to dosing .
  5. In order for remanufacturing to be successful we will replace all defective and most-commonly flawed components (valve and nozzle are among the most common ones). We will put the injectors back together and test them again using the authorized station to verify correct functionality after remanufacturing.
  6. The result of such testing is the calibration protocol, which is the proof of 100% functionality of these injectors. The protocol is generated by the authorized testing and calibration station. In some cases, calibration protocols contain new calibration codes, which must be uploaded using adequate diagnostics into the system of the vehicle to guarantee balanced flow of the engine.

The entire process of remanufacturing tailored specifically for our customers is completed by trained professionals in the area.

We exclusively carry out complete remanufacturing of diesel systems. We do not engage in partial repairs, which only lead to temporary functionality of the vehicle and not to long-term functionality of the entire system!
Our customer receives 12 months guarantee on the entire product, not the subject for remanufacturing.