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How we remanufacture the injectors of the system - Common Rail, PD (Pump-duse), Mechanical injectors

Common rail injectors are an integral part of the high pressure system. They feed fuel into the combustion chamber of each cylinder. There are two main construction designs of Common Rail injectors - electromagnetic (solenoid) or piezoelectric. Piezoelectric injectors are currently largely irreparable as the manufacturer of these injectors does not supply spare parts to allow for 100% functional recondition. We remanufacture the injectors using only new original spare parts. We follow the procedures specified by the injector manufacturers and meet strict criteria that guarantee 100% functionality of parts. We test the injectors at certified test and calibration stations.

Manufacturers of Common Ral injectors: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Continental VDO

Manufacturers of PD (Pumpe – duse) injectors: Bosch, Continental VDO

Manufacturer of mechanical injectors: Bosch


Common Rail Injectors remanufacturing process:

  1. The first step of the whole process is a preliminary assessment of the injectors condition, ie checking the mechanical part of the injector and an input dynamic functional test on the testing device.
  2. If the entrance test evaluates the injector as defective, we recommend customers a complete recondition of injectors.
  3. If we evaluate the injectors during the initial test as without fault, we will send them back to the customer with a recommendation to check the vehicle's defect or a recommendation to test the high-pressure pump.
  4. In the dynamic test on a certified device, we mainly test the dosing (main dose, overflow and pre-injection).
  5. For a successful recondition, we replace all defective and faulty components (most often a valve and a nozzle, if necessary a coil or body). We assemble the injectors, re-test them at an authorized station, and verify their correct functioning after the recondition.
  6. The result of the test is a calibration protocol, which proves 100% injector functionality. The report is generated by authorized test and calibration station. In some cases, calibration protocols contain new calibration codes that need to be recorded into the vehicle system using adequate diagnostics in order to achieve engine functioning in equilibrium.

The entire process of injector remanufacturing is done for you by a trained team of professionals in the field.

We only perform complete remanufacturing of diesel systems! We do not deal with partial repairs which might lead to the necessary commissioning of the vehicle, but not to the long-term functionality of the whole system!

The customer will receive a 24 month warranty on the entire product, not just the subject of recondition. An additional 24 months warranty can be arranged for all our reconditioned products. Just select this option in the shopping cart.