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Remanufacturing of injectors Siemens VDO

Each injector is disassembled into primary production components. After that, all these components are cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner

Čištění dílů vstřikovače v ultrazvukové čističce

Cleaning the injector parts in an ultrasonic cleaner

Individual components are then examined under a microscope. No parts that do not match the quality of the new part will pass the selection. If some elements of the injector can be reused, they are separated from non-compliant parts and then machined. Unsatisfactory injector components are replaced with new components from Siemens VDO.

The injectors are assembled together using the manufacturer's specialized tools.

Kontrola dílu

A very problematic element of the entire injector is the injector sprayer and the injector coil.

Once all components are in one place, the injector is assembled by our trained personnel.


At the test station, the injector is subjected to the following subtests:

  • High pressure leak test with overflow measurement without injector control
  • Injection dose measurement and overflow at full load
  • Injection dose measurement at idle
  • Initial dose measurement
  • Measurement of dose increment in dependency of increasing performance
  • Injector Response Test - delay test from actual signal to actual injection nozzle opening
  • Fuel Dispersion Test
  • Creation of a new coding 

Bádání mikroskopických rozdílů na jednotlivých dílech vstřikovače

Research of microscopic differences on individual parts of injector

Vše je nachystáno pro složení vstřikovače SIemens VDO

Everything is prepared for the composition of the Siemens injector