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How we remanufacture injector SIEMENS Piezo PPD 03G130073T and 03G130073D?

The manufacturer of this Piezo PD injector did not release the spare parts needed for repair and thus this situation forced us to come up with our own solution.

This generation of PD injection nozzles is equipped with an injection nozzle control system using a special piezoelectric crystal, which then acts on the hydraulic transducer to induce fuel injection into the engine combustion chamber. This piezoelectric crystal is formed from alternatively arranged piezoelectric quartz and metal sheets.

According to the Siemens VDO manufacturer, the PD nozzle is non-replaceable.

The main cause of damage to the Piezo Pumpe Düse SIEMENS Piezo 03G130073T  and 03G130073D is a contaminated fuel system. A defect in the vehicle is signaled by the engine stalling, followed by a flashing of the warning light and the message “Engine to workshop”. Furthermore, it is not possible to restart the engine. In this case, the injectors may be short-circuited.

Siemens Piezo

In most cases, cleaning the injectors is not sufficient for the car to function properly.

The most malfunctioning types were in vehicles manufactured by the end of 2007, the injection units were labeled 03G130073D and 03G130073M. The car manufacturer convened the vehicles  to be repaired on the so-called ex gratia compensation (partial coverage of the cost of repairing the defect or replacing the defective part even after the warranty period has expired), replacing the injection units at their own expense with new products, which they marked with the new serial numbers 03G130073S03G130073T and 03G130073TX.

The most common vehicles in which this defect occurs are:

Engine codes: BRD, BKD, BMR, BUZ, BRD, BMA, BMN, BKP, BRP, BRE, BLB.