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How we regenerate the alternators

The alternator transforms the work of the engine (mechanical energy) into electricity (electrical energy). If engine is the heart of our machine and engine management computer the brain, the alternator may be the equivalent of a pacemaker. This device powers everything in our vehicle: the engine management computer, lighting, radio, all electronic assistants, air conditioning, heated windows and seats and many other components. The excess electricity charges the car battery. Without a perfectly functioning alternator, our vehicle would be useless.


Autonorma carries out professional repairs on alternators of all types. In addition, we are able to immediately provide you with a new one. A brand new original alternator is undoubtedly the best choice.

We supply alternators for virtually all makes of cars. The alternator subjected to the overhaul process does not differ in terms of quality nor durability from new alternators. The price of a refurbished product usually does not exceed 50% of the value of the new original alternator.


What can your alternator suffer from and when should it be replaced?

The initial signal of faulty alternator is either a red light on the dashboard or a weak headlight. The damaged alternator does not recharge the car battery; regardless, the substantially weakened battery still powers the electronic components of the vehicle, and therefore depletes in a gradual manner.


Most common alternator failures are: 


  • Worn or broken V-belt that generates electricity from the alternator. In this case, it is necessary to contact a professional support service not only to determine whether the replacement of the belt itself will be sufficient, but also to ascertain that the fault is indeed with the alternator and not with other components of the system.

  • Worn or defective bearings attract attention primarily with hissing and buzzing noises. Replacing defective bearings is difficult. That is why we highly recommend that you purchase a regenerated alternator.

  • Overheating of the alternator and stator burnt by overheating. This happens for many common reasons such as heavy use of vehicle accessories (eg heater) or poor battery condition. Due to the overheating of the stator, the insulation is destroyed and a short circuit is generated. This error requires reconditioning of the alternator.

  • Wear of the rotor due to the mechanical energy of the motor shaft. Here, too, the cause of the failure may be an assembly error or the sheer wear of the material. Let's not forget to maintain the alternator in good condition.

  • As you can see, the alternator comprises of many components that can fail. These elements wear out periodically during operation. It is not worth carrying out a selective repair only--for example replacing only the governor, because after a while it might dawn on us that the bearings are also worn out and at that point it is usually not long until the alternator has to be dismantled again. All things considered, it is imperative to always remember that alternators represent an increasingly complex system of operation in many machines. In the event of an alternator failure, it is therefore reasonable to remanufacture it completely to restore its parameters or to simply buy a new product.


Alternator reconditioning process: 


  • dismantling of the alternator and regeneration of its individual components
  • dismantling the bearings using a press

  • sandblasting and painting of the alternator housing

  • replacement of worn consumables: bearings, diodes, stator, rotor

  • adequacy check of various elements

  • alternator structure

  • quality control and precision of parameters


Each part is taken apart into basic components which are inspected, replaced, and subsequently reassembled and tested on an authorized test bench. The entire reconditioning process is carried by our team of professionally trained technicians.