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Remanufacturing of the EGR valves in 10 steps

The exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR) is a component used to reduce NOx and particulate emissions at low engine loads at low and medium engine speeds. It directs some of the exhaust gases from the exhaust gas back into the inlet, where it takes part in the combustion process again. There is less oxygen in the air that is drawn in. As a result, the temperatures during combustion are lower, which leads to a reduction in the production of nitrogen oxides, which are formed at high temperatures.

Causes of EGR valve failures

However, this method also has undesirable side effects. The intake manifold becomes severely clogged, which eventually leads to its clogging. Most often, soot builds up in the area of ​​the flap, which the valve uses to regulate the amount of flue gas it returns to the engine. Blockage manifests itself in irregular idling and twitching of the engine at low speeds. In addition, the supply of warm air to the intake causes a decrease in engine performance and an increase in fuel consumption.

The correct function is very important for the operation of the vehicle. In the event of an error, you have two options. Buy a new valve, which can cost 30,000 crowns, or go for a refurbished valve of the same quality but at a fraction of the price.

How EGR valves are remanufactured

1) First we disassemble and remove all worn components.


2) Remove dirt and oil residues with a special cleaning agent.

3) We grind the EGR valve to better identify the type and degree of damage.
4) Check the device carefully for damage and remove non-replaceable components.


5) We repair or replace worn components with new ones.

6) We are installing new special cooling rods which, thanks to their spiral construction, guarantee increased heat consumption and thus improve the original part. Also seals, reconditioned valves and throttles.

7) Reassemble the EGR valve with new screws.

8) The complete EGR valve passes the coolant leak test.

9) To better protect aluminum from corrosion, we paint the finished and tested product.

10) The last step is to pack the reconditioned EGR valve in a box and secure it against damage in transit.

More information on EGR valves and overhaul can be found HERE. We have EGR valves in stock for MAN, Scania, Volvo cars.