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How to mount remanufactured turbocharger to Skoda Octavia

The mounting process of remanufactured turbocharger back to the Skoda Octavia vehicle is not difficult. However, it is imperative to be mindful of a few important details. Otherwise, overhauling the turbocharger could be in vain. Always follow the installation procedure recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Failure to do so may damage the turbocharger or the entire engine.

What to do PRIOR to mounting of the remanufactured turbocharger

  1. First of all, be sure to check all the necessary equipment

  2. Check the quality, amount, and pressure of lubrication oil 

  3. Make sure to inspect the inlet and outlet oil pipeline for maximum cleanliness. If it is not possible to inspect the inlet pipe, it is necessary to replace it.

  4. You must also inspect the intake and exhaust pipes for deformation, cracks, or damaged seals (this would result in whistling).

  5. If the crankcase ventilation pipe is connected to the turbocharger intake, clean it thoroughly.

  6. Before installing the turbocharger oil supply line, fill the oil inlet port to the brim with new engine oil. Attention! Never use sealant to seal the oil pipe flanges.

  7. As a last step, check the suction, dosing, and lubrication systems for leaks.


Turbocharger mounting

Do not underestimate professional mounting. The turbo needs to be mounted & put to working condition properly. Most importantly, it is imperative to follow the correct mounting procedure which has its strict, unforgiving rules; careless and unexperienced manipulation can lead to devastating consequences on the turbo as well as the vehicle. If you are not an expert, we highly suggest you do not mount the turbocharger on your own as that could manifest in fatal damages. As the good old "better safe than sorry" saying goes, entrust this ask in professional's hands. 

What to do AFTER mounting of the remanufactured turbocharger

  1. Replace engine oil as well as both the oil and air filters.

  2. When starting the engine for the first time, hold the compressor wheel shaft with your hand before lubricating the engine until the lubrication light goes out.

  3. After starting for the first time, let the engine idle for two to three minutes.

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