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Remanufactured car parts - repairs and remanufacturing

Remanufacturing - an interpretation of Wikipedia: „Remanufacturing is disassembly of some equipment, machinery and the like, its inspection and recondition, and rebuilding into working condition. Remanufacturing is often carried out, for example, as part of the termination of the trial operation or for equipment that physically or morally survives (often it can be identified as a general overhaul or reconstruction). As part of the recondition, some parts may be replaced by new ones, possibly cleaned, inspected, repaired, sanded, painted, or otherwise treated. For some routine types of remanufacturing, there are special remanufacturing sets of tools and spare parts.
Remanufacturing is mentioned for example in the case of conversion of machines (eg older computers - remanufactured computer, typewriters, cable cars and lifts, turbines and blowers, engines, vehicles), hydrodynamic converters for cars, filters, flow meters or heaters, accumulators and accumulator batteries, furniture, windows and doors, portals, facades or walls, tiles or staircases, tiles, fireplaces, lighting fixtures, etc.
Remanufactured facilities and objects are often cheaper than new ones, and in many cases reconditions are also carried out to preserve the historical value and functionality of the surviving facility or object, or to modernize it. ”
The main advantage of remanufactured products is the price while maintaining the utility value of the parts. We have created our own way to store, distribute, and maintain remanufactured products in our cycle. We buy used parts, remanufacture them, store them and deliver to people through web applications and vendors. Another significant advantage of remanufacturing is saving the environment.

Remanufactured differs from the new part in one aspect - the price.

The main difference between a remanufactured car part and an older piece purchased from an individual from an ad is in the warranty provided. We provide a 2 year warranty on remanufactured goods with the option to purchase a warranty extension. Applying a warranty is much easier for a business as a reseller compared to applying a warranty to an end consumer.
Used goods are often offered by the end consumer the moment they find out that they are starting to show defects or are not working. Remanufactured parts are fully tested before sale, thus there is only a minimal risk of product defects.
Companies also get a big advantage when buying remanufactured car parts. You will receive a VAT invoice for all our goods with a detailed VAT, which you can put into your costs.

Yes, each piece is disassembled into parts with subsequent evaluation of their condition. Any parts that are damaged or have the potential to be damaged in the near future will be replaced with new ones or we repair them. We save our customers' wallet in several ways. One of these is the principle that we do not replace properly functioning components with new ones. Now we come to the crucial fact how we save the cost at recondition. We are able to repair various sensors, manifold heads, pistons, corpora, clutches, motorbikes, coils, control units, piezo cells, various metal parts, etc. and save considerable costs compared to replacing new parts. Authorized service centers avoid these possibilities because they profit from the margin generated by the assembly of new components. Unnecessary price increases are not our standard. Our prices are also lucrative because we have a significant market share in local conditions and a higher volume of orders pushes our operating costs and purchasing overheads down.

As is the case today in almost every industry, our remanufactured car parts are a blend of parts manufactured in many countries around the world. Old pieces are obtained mostly in specialized collections of used car parts and car wrecks mainly in the territory of western EU countries. They are mostly new vehicles damaged in a car accident. It is important to respect the fact that the parts we buy were not a reason to dispose of the vehicle and their condition is often much healthier than the condition of parts in other used vehicles. It is therefore a material that is already considered to be useless, essentially waste. Thanks to our remanufacturing process, we return these old parts to life, saving the environment (up to 80% of the original materials remain reused). We also acquire old parts from the market cycle (using refundable deposits or purchases from our customers).

Yes, we use new and original parts when remanufacturing. This is especially the case when it is not possible to remanufacture the original parts.

Our customers will find the following remanufactured parts for passenger cars, vans and trucks, heavy machinery, agricultural and mining machinery, boats:

  • turbochargers (mechanical and electronic control, type VNT VGT) and their components (cartridges, bearing centers, shafts, actuators etc.) manufactured by Garrett, KKK, BorgWarner, IHI, Holset, Mitsubishi, Toyota, we keep in stock more than 1000 pieces of various.
  • power steering, steering racks, servo pumps, steering columns (mechanical and electronic types), also listed under the abbreviation EPS, EHPS from TRW, Valeo, ATE, Delphi, Koyo, Hitachi, Hella, Bosch, SKF etc. we keep in stock hundreds of pieces for exchange.
  • filtres DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), FAP (Filters and Particules), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), which we also keep in stock for exchange.
  • brake calipers from Knorr, Wabco, Meritor, SAF, BPW, Haldex, TRW and other reputable manufacturers.

We specialize in remanufacturing electronic components, especially ECU (= electronic control unit), 

  • Engine control units, ABS / ESP, automatic transmissions, power steering, comfort or onboard network.
  • Dashboards or shields (= dashboard), in layman's terms tachometers, navigation and other sophisticated electronic parts.
  • Nox sensors / sensors.
  • Urea injection modules - AdBlue.

We have technologies for control unit remanufacturing from these manufacturers:

  • Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO, Continental VDO, Lucas, Magneti Marelli, Visteon, Sagem, Toyota, Wabco, Ford, Fomoco, GM, ATE, TRW
  • For all things engine control unit (ECU), see our sister brand ECUservis at 

We remanufacture all types of injection equipment for diesel engines:

  • injection pumps type VP, VE, VA manufactured by Bosch.
  • CR high pressure pumps (= Common Rail) typu CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, DPF1, DFP3, DFP6, HP2, HP3. 
  • CR injectors (= Common Rail) type electromagnetic and piezo operated.
  • PDE (Pumpe Düse Einheit), in layman's terms PDs, of manufacturers.
  • UIS and other types of injection parts manufactured by Bosch, Delphi, Siemens VDO, Continental VDO, Denso, Zexel, Stanadyne, Cummins, Caterpillar, Yanmar. We keep in stock more than 5000 different types, covering more than 99% of the type used in the European fleet.
  • We have expanded our portfolio with new products: Shock absorbers and compressors, EGR valves (= exhaust coolers) and air compressors.

For refurbished car parts, we provide up to a two-year warranty on the functionality of the entire part. You will find more information for each product.

Delivery dates & order of reman parts

The standard time for making a custom remanufacturing is within 3 working days of receipt of the goods. If we arrange the collection of a non-functional part, it is necessary to count on 2 extra days when the part is at the carrier. Some products are more time-consuming to produce, so we always notify the customer in advance so that they can plan their subsequent assembly. We certainly recommend buying a remanufactured part directly from our warehouse as it is the most time-effective solution under the same price conditions. It is only necessary to pay a refundable deposit, which will be refunded immediately after we receive your old part. Should you choose to deliver the old part to us first, then we do not charge the deposit at all.

We are no longer dealing with reconditioning of Lucas Epic rotary pumps and injection pumps..

We test Common Rail Kits, ie high pressure pumps and injectors. These are mainly manufacturers Delphi, Siemens VDO, Continental VDO, Denso and Bosch. Then PD injectors manufactured by Bosch and Siemens VDO and control units of all manufacturers. For most turbochargers are manufacturers Garrett, KKK, BorgWarner, IHI, Holset and Mitsubishi. If you are not sure of the defect of your part, take advantage of our customer care, which is available from 8:30 - 17:00. The responsible person is co-operative and will try to answer all your questions.

The main data for creating an order on our website is the numerical identification of the part by which you find the product. After that, it takes about 5 minutes to order the product. Choose one of the four suggested options that suits you best and add the product in your cart. Fill in the billing and delivery address and if you choose to arrange the free delivery of the non-functional part. We will then contact you about the whole order.

We keep most of our most turnover assortment in stock. We also have a lot of parts in production and we are able to react in case of demand or order and prepare these parts within 24 - 48 hours. If we do not have the product in stock, we design a custom repair of the damaged part. If we do not have the product in stock, we design a custom repair of the damaged part.

99.5% of all parts are repairable. If your part is not repairable, we will provide you with our piece from the warehouse and add a deposit. These cases are very rare.

If you submit billing information, including a valid VAT number, to verify your registration, we will invoice the net amount, ie without VAT.

If you cannot obtain the part number you are looking for, make sure you know – model - year of manufacture and the engine code of your car. You should find your product through our eshop. Do not hesitate to contact us in the form of a call, email or chat.

We also supply accessories for many assortments, such as seal turbochargers.

Transport and collection of returnable parts

We provide collection of returnable and non-functional parts for the test in Great Britain for a small fee. In order for the pick-up to take place the following day after the order was created, it is necessary to place an order by 17:00. Arrangement of collection is fast and quite simple. When ordering on our website, we ask you if you want to arrange collection. We simply send a pick-up guy to your delivery address.

Returnable or non-functional parts that we collect through the carrier must be packed thoroughly. Please ensure that the packaging is accurate to avoid possible complications that may arise

We are making this option ready for our customers soon! Now this option is charged.

Yes, whether it is an injection pump, injectors, turbocharger, power steering, silencer, EGR valve, Adblue control unit, DPF or any other part of our offer, you can send us using any transport company. The address of our company can be found on our website in the section CONTACT.

Car service and service discounts

Our regular customers have significant discounts across all assortments, the possibility of maturity, turnover bonuses, priority handling of complaints. Are you an end customer and want a better price? Recommend us to your car service and get a one-time discount. We just need to invoice your car service.

Just register on our website. After that you will be automatically assigned a discount group and you will see the discounted prices immediately.

Yes, you can bring the whole car. We provide comprehensive services for our customers, including disassembly and assembly of our remanufactured product, which the customer purchased from us. Just inform us in advance and we will determine the exact date for bringing the vehicle and a preliminary calculation of service work related to the removal and assembly of the purchased product.

Throughout the Great Britain, we cooperate with car repair shops that make full use of our services. If you want a complete service please call us and we will recommend a quality car service that will meet your requirements. 

Refundable deposit

Returnable parts should be complete and not disassembled. However, there are exceptions where we are able to assess the disassembled part and recognize the refundable deposit. The most important thing is that the returnable part is complete. If this is not the case, we will contact you to request the missing components. If you fail to do so, we will not accept the returnable part. Terms and conditions for returning old parts are listed on our website:

If you deliver a returnable part before we provide you with a remanufactured part, we will not charge you a refundable deposit. Furthermore, we do not charge a refundable deposit if we remanufacture your old part.

We do not charge a refundable deposit if we have a returnable part physically with us. The transport company provides for us only the expedition, not the assessment of returnable parts.

Warranties on remanufactured products

All remanufactured products are warranted for a period of 24 months, without mileage restrictions. We also offer the possibility to extend the warranty.

First, it should be noted that customer complaints of products have not exceeded the 2.5% year-on-year limit since 2016. We always try to handle a complaint for you as soon as possible, usually within 5 working days. We accept goods for complaints with a completed complaint protocol, which can also be found here:
The claimed goods must not have damaged seals and no other signs of foreign intervention.

We always provide a warranty for the complete part. Since we do not perform “partial repairs”, it is standard for us to guarantee the functionality of the entire product.