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The main causes of pump damage in the Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DiD

If you notice the following signs in the vehicle, this may indicate damage to the injection pump:

- a problem with the engine starting or the inability to start the engine
- increased exhaust emissions, engine working irregularly
- low idle speed
- gas response up to 2000-2500 rpm, the speed cannot be further increased
- engine stalls while driving (when the accelerator pedal is released)
- occurrence of fault codes in the engine control unit memory
- the engine light is on
- loud engine operation at higher speed
- lack of engine power

The first picture shows how the pump is damaged - contaminated.

The main reason for damage to the injection system (injection pump ZEXEL) is the low quality of used fuels or high content of impurities in the fuel system. A fuel filter that is seldom changed cannot stop the contaminants that are present in today's modern fuels. Paraffins or other contaminants may pass through the bad fuel filter through the injection pump, resulting in the formation of small metal parts and subsequently seizing the pump.

For the Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DiD, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter with engine oil change, preferably every 10,000 kilometers. It is definitely not worth sparing money on your fuel filter as the consequences can be devastating. We recommend that you use filters of the highest quality, such as BOSCH Number: 1 457 434 459.

Damage to the fuel tank can also subsequently damage the pump ME190711. After 5 years, a protective coating can begin to crumble in the metal fuel tank. The particles of this layer then enter the pump through the fuel and the fuel filter. This contributes to its damage. The fuel tank defect can be checked by draining the contents from the bottom of the fuel filter into a glass beaker. If the tank's protective layer is damaged, metal shavings will be visible.

The fuel tank should be replaced in such a situation and the remaining elements of the injection system should be thoroughly cleaned.
Each ME190711 pump is calibrated at a specialized test site after repair. Calibration is required to ensure proper pump operation. The remanufacturing of ZEXEL VRZ pumps is much more demanding in terms of time and expertise. Compared to CR pumps, on the European market you can find only a few companies that are able to deal with this type in quality yet cost effective way. The result of the correct functioning of this pump is the protocol you always get.

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