General information regarding VP pump coding - AutoNorma

 Bosch VP44 pumps for Audi / VW / Skoda with numbers 0470506024,, 030, 033, 037038 require the pump to be paired with the engine control unit using diagnostics. This service is provided by authorized service centers.

Other Bosch VP44 pumps do not require coding.

Bosch VP30 pumps for Ford 0470004004, 0470004006, 0470004002 require the immobilizer to be fitted after installation as follows: 

  1. Charge the battery or connect the battery to the charger. 
  2. Turn the ignition key to the second position so that the starter does not turn; only that the hazard warning lights come on.
  3. Wait 5 seconds (the time required to automatically pair the pump with the engine control unit).
  4. Turn the ignition switch OFF.
  5. Now start the car.

Other Bosch VP30 pumps do not require coding.