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Common error codes for fuel pump problems
Most cars manufactured today using internal combustion engines have fuel pumps. Basically, a fuel pump is a part designed to deliver fuel from the tank to the engine at the appropriate pressure required to meet performance requirements. Very often the fuel pump is quite an underestimated part, however, any problems with the fuel pump can cause major problems with the driving and performance of the vehicle. Some common sygns of a fuel pump failure include, for example, a decrease in engine power, heavy starting, noisy trembling sounds, the inability to start, and others…

Diagnostic Fault Code P0251
It is quite possible that you have encountered fault code P0251 if you have a Cummins diesel engine that has Common Rail injection. Specifically, this code may appear somewhat chronic if not properly diagnosed. If you face this problematic code, your vehicle is dealing with a loss of performance. In most cases, if the vehicle shows this code, its fuel pressure while driving reads the normal range. However, with increased acceleration, the fuel pressure rises to 1585 bar and begins to drop instead of pressure build-up. This code can often be quite problematic as its diagnosis is often inaccurate. The exact problem can be caused by various reasons and some of them are for example a bad regulator, a wiring problem or a possible problem with the vehicle control unit. Therefore, it should be in your best interest to solve this particular problém by hiring an expert. Remember that if you need to install the injectors, you should also replace the fuel transfer tubes. Správná instalace vstřikovačů vám kromě vašich nervů dokáže ušetřit i peníze za jejich cenu. The correct installation of the injectors can save you nerves as well as money at their cost.

Error code P0230
Simply put, error code P0230 is caused by a low voltage in the fuel pump relay main power circuit. If the engine control module detects that the voltage in the fuel pump relay main supply circuit is lower than its normal value, it will activate this fault code. At the same time, as with other codes, the engine control indicator light comes on. Other signs of this error code include: fuel pump inactivity, fuel pump inoperative, no start state, and fuel pump operating at all times with the ignition on.

In most cases, this code is usually displayed when there is low voltage in the fuel pump feed relay due to a fuse inoperative. Other possible causes of the fault code are: faulty relay or engine control unit, short circuit to battery voltage, open fuel pump control circuit, etc. You need to use a scanner to diagnose the exact cause of this error code. You should also check the fuse or the fuel pump fuse to make sure it is fully functional and in its original condition.
You should then check the voltage at the fuel pump relay circuit to ensure that it meets the battery voltage requirements.

Common repairs to this fault code include: replacing / repairing the melt insert, fuel pump, or fuel pump relay.

P0148 Fuel supply error
In most cases, this diagnosed error P0148 means there is a problem with the high pressure fuel supply of diesel engines. When the PCM (Engine Control Module) detects a signal from the fuel pressure sensor that indicates that the pressure is below its normal value, it diagnoses code P0148, and then the fault indicator lights up. A fuel supply error can fundamentally affect vehicle performance. This can lead to reduced engine power. Other symptoms may also be: reduced fuel efficiency, production of black smoke from the exhaust, or strong odor of diesel. In the worst case, the engine may be damaged more. Therefore, we highly recommend that you find and resolve code P0148 urgently.

The main causes of this code diagnosis are, for example: a faulty control or fuel pressure sensor, a fuel pump failure, a high pressure fuel system leak, a high pressure fuel system open / shorted connections, and a PCM (engine control unit) programming error, etc.

P0627 Fuel Pump Control Circuit "A" / Open
This generic diagnostic code applies to most OBD-II vehicles. Although the problem is quite general, the steps may vary depending on the make, year of manufacture, model and powertrain configuration of the vehicle. Generally, this problem says that there is an error in the fuel pump control circuit "A". You should now be aware that the fuel pump is an integral part of the vehicle's overall driving ability. It is responsible for supplying fuel to the engine. Now the control circuit helps to switch the pump on and off depending on the operator's needs. And if it fails, the vehicle will be ineffective.

The problem code, P0627, is a serious problem for your vehicle but not critical. What does it mean? This means that you can still drive in your car despite the problem. However, it should be in your own interest not to do so as there may be irregular fuel supply to the engine and an irregular or fluctuating fuel mixture may cause serious damage to the engine of your vehicle. However, you may face more problems due to this problem. For example, you may face problems with the ignition of the engine. Although the engine may start, it may stop when the operating temperature is reached. Some vehicles may even experience lower fuel consumption.