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What are the advantages of remanufactured spare autoparts as opposed to original ones?

If your car breaks down, you have two options. You can have the damaged part repaired (if possible) or replaced. Replacement is very often a faster and cheaper option, especially if you decide to use a refurbished part. You can save up to half the cost of brand new original parts. However, the quality is at the same or even higher level than that of new parts.

Remanufactured parts save not only your wallet, but also our environment!

Used spare parts are not only financially convenient. In addition, their reuse is environmentally friendly. The overhaul of a used part (such as gearbox) requires approx. 33% less energy consumed than that consumed in the production of a new spare part.

In some cases, the price difference of the refurbished compared to the new part may not be so noticeable. This is especially the case when newer technologies are used when reworking old parts as opposed to those available at the time when the new car was manufactured. Sometimes, these refurbished parts can even be better than the original.

Example: What is the difference in prices? To give you an idea, we compared the price of a refurbished turbocharger for the Škoda Octavia III 1.2 TSI 81 kW, which will cost CZK 5,475. The new original turbocharger will cost you CZK 16,673. (Note: prices are valid as of July 7, 2020)

Each overhaul begins with the complete disassembly of the used part, which is disassembled into its individual components. This is followed by a thorough cleaning of all components and their careful inspection. Worn, deformed and unrepairable components (seals, valves, screws) are replaced with new ones. Finally, the whole part is assembled again and its functionality is checked on specialized devices. The result of demanding testing is an output protocol that guarantees 100% quality and functionality of the refurbished part.

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Advantages of remanufactured parts

  • lower price

  • tested quality and functionality

  • longer lifespan and reliability than with a repaired part

  • warranty period 12 or 24 months

  • quick return of your vehicle back on the road

Disadvantages of remanufactured parts

  • a particular part might not always be in stock 

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The usage of remanufactured parts is nothing new 

The idea to refurbish spare parts arose during the post-war economic crisis of 1947 in Germany. At that time, there was massive shortage of everything, and therefore retired air-cooled boxers from the first VW Beetles and Transporters began to return to the newly created line. In the Czech Republic, Škoda Auto has been able to change refurbished parts since 1995. Nowadays, the owners of "Škoda" can choose from 16,000 items from 60 groups. Among the most popular are the components , , , , clutches, gearboxes, and elektronicsRefurbished parts are offered for the complete current model line, including the Yeti, all generations of the Fabia, Octavia and Superb. At present, refurbished spare parts are also offered by other brands and , such as Ford, Peugeot, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

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Satisfied customers are happy to shop with us again

Popularity of remanufactured spare parts grows rapidly. Often times, people are concerned about their quality and functionality. However, those who give them a chance often come back to us for more as they usually have positive experience with the refurbished work. Remanufactured parts after overhaul differ from new ones in just one: price.

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