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What are the conditions for accepting old parts in deposit refund?

1. Identical old part

In order to meet the conditions for accepting old part and subsequently having the refund approved in full extent, it is imperative you send back old part that is identical to the remanufactured part. The returned old part’s labeling must be the same as the labeling on our remanufactured part.

Disclaimer: In case you send an old part which is different from the one you purchased, the deposit refund is not going to be approved, and you are going to be offered a buyout price instead. 

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2. Damaged part

In order to have the old part accepted and subsequently have the refund approved in full extent, it is imperative to meet the requirements as laid out in the deduction price list available for inspection below. To avoid additional charges, as outlined in the deduction price list, from the deposit refund, the old part cannot be mechanically damaged (for instance turbocharger with broken body, battered pump corpus etc.), must be complete including caps, plugs, and sealing (applicable for servomotor and servo pumps), and must be spinning (applicable for engine starter, alternator, and servo pump). However, it is also taken into account that the old part might not be functional (leaks, bearings, defective electronic actuators in turbochargers etc…).

Disclaimer: Certain assortment groups are subject to exceptions and additional extensions of quality standards for old parts. Please refer to the deduction price list for more information.

3. Return time window

The time window to return the old part is specified to be 30 days from receiving the remanufactured part. This time window can be extended through our customer service.

4. Deduction price list

Below you will find the deduction price list document according to which we reduce the buyout price of an old part.

Deduction price list